Who are we?


SV MEDIA INC. Is a Canadian Based Media Production company founded and owned by Mr. Subanasri

Vaithilingam, initially doing wide range of video productions and live recordings. Later turned to be the 

root  for becoming Canada’s #1 media network, with four TV station and one multicultural radio on it’s 


Tamil One TV is a Tamil satellite television station. It is the flagship channel of the Toronto-based S.V 

Media Network.  Found on 1st October 2006 Tamil One TV, Canada's largest media conglomerate has 

power packed Two TV Channels with the reach of more than 2 million households in North America. 

Vanakkam FM aka CJVF our multicultural radio. “Our goal, in the long term, is to promote social change 

and civic participation within the community of Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi and Philippino; to encourage 

the use of our native languages, along with revitalization of our culture, traditions, and dress; and to 

educate and inform our listeners.” and then our next successful launch was Vanakkam HDTV a Canadian 

Tamil satellite television station. We air 24/7 HD music and movies without commercial break in Tamil. 

This experience is enhanced with our recording facility, where you can pause,rewind and play your 

programs and  VTV HD is available on bell and Rogers media. Also like Tamil one we promote

Tamil business entrepreneurial across Canada with their commercials and media promotions. The 

following two wings of our media are the two new ventures that we are going to introduce to you today. 

Kutty's TV which is a 24-hour Tamil kids television channel from the Tamil One TV Network in Canada. 

The target audience are children aged between 3 and 14. Kutty’s TV will be launched on 30th April 2015, 

making it SV Media Network's  first ever television channel for kids and also North America’s  first 24x7 

kids channel in Tamil.  The primary purpose of this channel is educating the upcoming generation our 

native language Tamil. Programmes broadcasted will be informative, educational and entertainment 

contents.  Kutty’s TV will be available on bell fibe for free

Tamil Yugam TY 24/7 News is the news division of the Tamil One Television Network in Canada. The 

name TY 24/7 News is also applied as the title of local and regional newscasts on the network's owned-

and-operated stations (O&Os), which are closely tied to the national news division. Local newscasts on 

TY 24/7 Two are also branded as TY 24/7 News, although in most cases they are managed separately 

from the newscasts on the main Tamil One network. TY 24/7 broadcasts one hundred percent news 

contents and real time weather, time and traffic updates. TY 24x7 is the  first North American Tamil 24x7 

news channel which is absolutely free on bell  fibe.